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    Adopt employee shareholding system 15 years of professional focus, cast is special

  • AIP staffed with over 100 employees whom has rich experience in this industry, including motor design, system testing, software design, mechanical design and manufacture. Covering an area of 4000 square kilometers, AIP has clean environment and orderly work arrangement, which conforms to the requirements of 9000 system and 6S standards.

    Focus on motor test and provide thorough motor testing solutions Strict perfect quality control system, make product quality more stable

  • Focus on motor test, aim to design superior motor testing system and satisfy customers' testing demand.We provide customized testing solutions to different customers, so as to creat value for customers.

    Quality guarantee satisfies customers and ensures long-term business High quality guaranteed, customer satisfaction and retention

  • With professional technical engineers and normalized manufacturing process, AIP devotes to meet your demand to a great extent. We are willing to creat value for you with professional team and satisfactory service.

    Full service to guarantee your orderly manufacture The interests of the kind of preferential policies for you

  • You are welcome to purchasing from AIP. Staffed with professional after-sales service engineers, AIP will give you feedback in 24 hours and provide service in 72 hours to ensure the proper manufacturing. Call:+86-532-87973318


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Qingdao AIP Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd., a technology-oriented enterprise integrated by R&D, manufacture and marketing, develops instruments with professional technology for test, measurement and analysis. Equipped with technical center and operating center, AIP devotes to create greatest value for customers. The laboratory team, consisted of top designers of software and hardware, committed to develop the intellectualized testing system and automatic testing system of mechanical and electrical fields (motor, electric tools, transformer, home appliance etc.).

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AIP headquarter AIP headquarter

Address:No. 320 Jiushui East Rd, Hi-tech Industrial Base,Qingdao, China
Tel: 0532-87973318

Application of the micro BLDC m
  • Industry 4.0 in China
  •  How far is the motor manufactu
Application of the micro BLDC m

DC brushless (BLDC) motors are widely used in various industries, and micro BLDC motors are also applied in the UAV in recent years. In the booming UAV market, t

Application of the micro BLDC m


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Why the stators need to be test
Coils are more prone to discharge in a vacuum environment, which can better test the damage of coil enameled wire. The "vacuum" referred to here is not an absol
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